Electronics for the Techie on Your Christmas List

(or the Neophyte in Need of an Upgrade)

Nowadays, we’re all techies, right? I mean technology shows up in every sphere of our lives, from what we wear to how we prepare our food and how we groom ourselves. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to keep up with rapid new developments in the electronics that impact our daily lives. It seems like the moment we become fluid with a smartphone or laptop, a new version is announced. It’s an endless cycle: Upgrade. Flounder. Master. Repeat.

On the other hand, the relentless quest to use tech to improve everything has made this the most exciting time in human history. Seriously. They make warm, colorful winter hats with a built-in mic and headphones. And it’s all Bluetooth-powered, so there are no dangling wires.

$39.99 | amazon.com


And when you come in from the cold and you want to rinse off the day, your soundtrack follows you right into the shower with the iFox Waterproof speaker.

$29.99 | amazon.com

If you like speakers with high-fidelity sound and a vintage look, the Marshall speaker company has a booming new multi-room device equipped with Alexa Voice Control so you can speak your playlist into existence.

$399 | amazon.com

And if you feel like making you own beautiful music, you’d be surprised at how amazing the miniature Casio SA-77 sounds. It’s a portable band in a box. 

$49 | amazon.com

Technology has made our workouts more effective than ever before because we can effortlessly track our activity, sleep and heart rate with a handy smartwatch so we know what areas of our self-care regimen need more effort.

$199.95 | amazon.com

We love having our music with us everywhere we go, and wireless, waterproof sport headphones from Jaybird keep us pumping and jumping at the gym when our energy flags.

$99 | amazon.com

There’s no sense in putting in your time at the gym only to ruin it the moment you sit down to eat. The Bella Air Fryer gives your favorite foods a delicious crispy crunch without all the grease and calories of deep-fried foods.

$69.99 (30% off) | macys.com

And just before you turn in and call it a night, give your teeth a high-tech cleaning with Oral-B’s most powerful toothbrush yet.

$149.99 | amazon.com