Amazon’s Black Friday Deals Have The Most Important People On Our Christmas List Covered

From your spouse to your mother, Amazon has the deals to give them the perfect gift.

Loud, rude shoppers. Ransacked store shelves. Infinite lines at the checkout. Overall pandemonium. Do you really want to spent Black Friday shopping? Really? This year, we’ve decided to check every name off our holiday list without leaving the comfort of our favorite living room chair. Yep: we’re shopping online.

Pretty much every retailer has a virtual store, but Amazon is leading the pack this year with deals and steals that rival anything you’ll find in a bricks-and-mortar shop, and they’ve got free shipping from now until the holidays, with no minimum purchase.

Amazon’s hottest deals come with a countdown clock so you know how much time you have left, and new specials are going up by the hour. The sales are coming and going so fast that we’re loath to look away from our screen, unless it’s to binge watch movies from out Netflix queue. To keep your Black Friday week low-stress, we’ve sketched out a Christmas list to get you started:

LG G6 128 GB Unlocked Phone

You’re pretty sure that your man is the last living human on earth with a flip phone. You keep wondering when the phone company is just going to cut the thing off because the technology is so old. He keeps saying that smartphones look like a nuisance. You’re going to have to take matters into your own hands on this one. You’ll need a phone he’s going to love, with a serious camera and built-in apps. But nothing that’s going to be too hard for him to figure out. The LG G6 is everything you want. And it’s 50% off. You’re welcome. $799.99 NOW $399.99

Amazon Fire HD

She’s always talking about how she wants to try one of those ebooks, but she has yet to take the plunge. Help Mom embrace the 21st Century with a Amazon Fire HD. You’ll be a hero and you’ll also save $50. Plus it will make up for those boring pink slippers you bought her last year. $149.99 NOW $99.99

Amazon Fire TV Recast

He’s always complaining about how expensive the cable bill is, but when you tell him to cut the cord, he changes the subject. Amazon Fire Recast is a DVR that lets you watch and record your favorite television programs with NO MONTHLY FEES. We know Dad is gonna love that last part. $229.99 NOW $179.99

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition

Have you ever missed an important incoming call because your kid commandeered your cell phone? Yep, we totally understand. Mobile technology is a big part of growing up nowadays, from educational games to communication. So it only makes sense that your young ones have their own, kid-appropriate devices to use. We love the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition because it is durable and has built-in parental controls. They’ll have their games, and you’ll have your phone, And that’s what we call a win-win. $99.99 NOW $69.99

Best Friend:
Ring Alarm Professional Monitoring System

She lives alone, travels a lot, and has a tendency to leave the keys in the lock when she’s carrying a bunch of groceries. She’s your oldest and best friend, but sometimes you worry. The Ring Alarm professional monitoring system is easy to set up and control via smartphone, and uses the latest technology to keep your loved ones safe. What could be a better gift than that? $268.98 NOW $188.98